The Only Catholic Comedy Podcast

The Crunch Catholic Podcast

Our show is unique. Most podcasts are started by two friends who decided to buy microphones. We were two strangers with microphones who became friends over a podcast. In 2016, Ethan tweeted, “I could talk for 30 min about Catholic dating.” Patrick replied, “Yeah, so could I.” Then Ethan said, “Wanna start a podcast?”

We've recorded every week since.

Now, six years later, The Crunch is the number one podcast for Young Adult Catholics.

We believe this is because we blend entertainment and faith in a way not done by other podcasts. The Crunch is the show you turn on whether you want to laugh or be inspired to grow closer to Christ.

We've had countless listeners tell us they have grown in their faith, learned how to evangelize, or even become Catholic because of the podcast. The Crunch is a tool for evangelization, and we want you to join us as we make more!

We want to expand our reach to help more young Catholics evangelize their friends.

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